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Privacy Notice

Digital Innovations LLC, the owners of are committed to protecting your privacy. We encourage all users to read this statement in full so that they may have a full understanding of the information we collect from them and how it is used.

A user can visit our website without identifying themselves or giving any personal information. However, we can and usually do collect the following information from visitors who browse our website:

  • domain name

  • browser used

  • OS used

  • referring website

  • pages visited

This information is used for statistical purposes only to help us to continue to make this a better website.

Protection of Children’s Information is a website for general audiences and does not knowingly collect any personal information from children.

Message Boards
Users have an option to register in our message boards and will sometimes post messages that others may see. The users do this on their own free will and others will see the messages that they post.

Online Store
At our secure online store, users can purchase products and services, and register to receive Newsletters. In order to purchase, users will be required to give sufficient information in order to process the transaction such as their name, address, city, state, zip code and even banking information. This information is securely stored on our servers and will never be sold.

When someone visits our website, a cookie may be placed on the users’ machine (if the customer accepts cookies) or may be read if the user has previously visited the website. Cookies are used in conjunction with the users’ message board account and online store account.

Our online store is protected by a digitally signed and encrypted SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate. When the “padlock” symbol is seen in the bottom of the web browser, rest assured that all information is protected by 128 bit security. You may click on the lock icon to view the details of the certificate and to be sure it is issued to the same website that a user is visiting.

Opt Out
A user may “Opt Out” at anytime from receiving newsletters by simply logging into their  account at our online store and select to “Edit Your Profile”. Here they will be able to choose whether or not to receive any newsletters or advertisements from us.

Privacy Resolution
At anytime if you have any complaints about our strict privacy policies, please send an email to so that we may resolve the issue immediately.

Last Updated 07/05/04


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